Women's Empowerment Mainstreaming and Networking for Gender Justice in Economic Development
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Janet Ramadan and other women and men entrepreneurs in Uganda examine their social networks and how they can help them improve their lives

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Participatory Action Learning System


Underpinning the community-led focus of WEMAN is development, capacity-building and implementation of an innovative methodology: Gender Action Learning System (GALS). Based on inclusive and participatory principles and simple mapping and diagram tools, this is used for:

The GALS methodology originated in work on a generic methodology, Participatory Action Learning System (PALS) by Linda Mayoux with entrepreneurs and staff of GreenHome, Bukonzo and Kabarole Research and Resource Centre in Uganda, Port Sudan Small Enterprise Development in Sudan, ANANDI in India, Aga Khan Foundation Pakistan and Trickle-Up, US.

Over 2,000 women and men in Uganda are now using GALS and over 25,000 in Latin America, Asia and elsewhere in Africa as a result of WEMAN.